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  • What We Do

    Physical Product Development

    Do you have an optics-based you want designed, but don't have the expertise, technical know-how, or time to develop it?


    Our optical team is experienced in taking broad goals and concepts, and turning them into complete physical products, based on however little (or much) guidance you give us. Tell us your idea, we'll solve the technical problems and deliver you a working prototype - FAST!

    Imaging Software Development

    We can develop custom imaging software that can stitch 360-degree photos and videos and more!


    Reach out to see if we can help build your concept!

    Develop Creative Solutions to Technical Problems

    If you have a technical problem that you believe might have a solution in the field of optics, but have no idea how to solve it, we're a perfect fit. Our team has worked with leading consumer electronics companies to conceptualize cutting-edge optics technologies in AR, VR, and other advanced optics designed to solve issues that were inhibiting progress in product development. We quickly develop solutions that address market issues and result in designs that are optimized for image quality and cost.


    If you think we can aid you in solving your technical problems - contact us - and we'll deliver innovative solutions to you.

    Reduce Unit Cost without Sacrificing Quality

    We use our optical expertise to minimize the number of lenses needed in a system to reduce cost and complexity.


    Our small, focused team cuts out the excess cost and delivers you an optimized product that saves your business money on the front end, and lowers unit cost on the back end.

  • Pryzm ​Diffraction Lens

    We conceptualized and designed a patented universal phone lens that uses diffraction to create unique, colorful images for sharing!


    We worked with a client to develop a new lens designed to block out excess blue light in aquarium smartphone photography.


    We developed the Aquariclip HD Lens which uses an adjustable orange gradient filter to block out blue light and capture true color aquarium photos

  • Our Team

    We work to bring you cost-effective, cutting-edge design!

    Charlie Griffin

    CTO, Optics Designer, Imaging Software Developer


    Charlie was a triple major (Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy) and double valedictorian at the University of Arizona (in Astronomy and Physics).


    He is an expert at solving technical problems and has had independent research projects funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the US Department of Energy.


    His unique background in understanding the nature of light, how to design lenses, and working in a scientific research environment enables him to design and build products that are optimized for quality and cost.


    His background in using software to process and produce images allows him to design lens systems that can solve almost any problem, and can easily be paired with a variety of custom imaging software.

    Garrett Dobbs

    Product Designer


    Garrett is a graduate of Stanford's Product Design School and specializes in product conceptualization and development.


    Garrett works to develop all of the non-optical components of your product in CAD and delivers manufacturer-ready prototypes carefully crafted to cater to your target market.

    Chaz Marshall



    Chaz has managed the development of multiple custom lens systems, including our Diffraction Lens, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and all of our past and current optical consulting projects.


    Chaz has a background in Live Event Photography, working for a number of Grammy-Nominated Artists, and understands the value quality optics provide to their users.

    Chris Kraemer

    CMO, Client Relationships


    In our optical consulting projects, Chris serves as the direct point of contact in managing the timeline and delivery of the project. He specializes in analyzing the market in order to best position the design of your product to maximize profitability through conceptualizing thoughtful design and maximizing user experience.

    Connor Brereton

    Patent Advisor


    Our Patent Advisor, Connor, will work with our team to ensure that our design is informed by thoughtful consideration of current and potential future IP.


    Connor authored the patents and guided manufacturing on the Pryzm Diffraction Lens, and is an expert at getting high-quality optical products manufactured at an affordable cost.


    NASA, Summer 2013 - 2014.


    At 20, Charlie received a grant from NASA to study the oldest galaxies in the universe. He noticed that the optical code that was used to determine the ages, masses, types of stars, etc… in the oldest (and most distant) galaxies in the universe, was incomplete.


    Far away galaxies are very dim, and gravitational lensing and other complex optical techniques are used to understand these galaxies.


    After modifying the code, Charlie’s research substantially changed the information we have about the ages and sizes of the galaxies in the early universe. His work was presented at a NASA Symposium, and he used the largest optical telescope in the world, as well as the largest telescope in space, to get more data to support his assumptions.

    Extragalactic Astronomy with Multiple Wavelength Interests Group

    Astrophysics Researcher, Spring 2011-Fall 2013


    Charlie developed a piece of software that automatically searches public and private databases and combines and processes images of the sky at different wavelengths (optical, infrared, microwave, …) to produce high quality images of faraway galaxies.


    The images were rich in optical data that is used to characterize and estimate the ages of the galaxies, which quickly helped identify which galaxies were worthy of a follow-up observation, and which could be eliminated, saving astrophysics researchers time and money.


    University of Arizona: Department of Physics

    Research Assistant, 2014 - Present


    Charlie was funded by the Department of Energy to independently develop a piece of quantum mechanics software that simulates the way energy (including light, heat, electricity…) pass through metals, crystals, and semi-conductors, and other materials. He then used his simulation to investigate how to produce nanotechnology materials that randomly convert heat into electricity, and have other unique and commercially viable properties.


    He collaborated with Professor Stafford (3 patents, 86 publications) to develop analytical explanations of results.

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